Are you a NFT CREATOR looking for a way to reward your holders? Look no further than Paranum. An entire platform at your fingertips hasslefree.

How it works for Creators

You can start token-gating content exclusively for your holders. In exchange, you strengthen the appeal of your token while gaining the attention of other potential holders to join in your community. Creators can start receiving high quality feedback from their biggest supporters: holders.

Become a Creator

How it works for Holders

You love viewing those pretty NFTs in your wallet but wouldn’t it be great if you could have some use for it? Now, token holders can benefit from having access to exclusive content and perks by their favorite NFT creators. Find their profile by their name or follow a link provided by the creator and join in.


Paranum explained

Today, many creators are familiar with monetizing their content using subscription services. In short, creators create content, lock it behind a paywall, charge their supporters for monthly access to the content, and then split that money with the platform. Token-gating works differently.
Through Paranum, you can create content making it only accessible to those who own a specific NFT. By token-gating content, creators are able to give their NFT’s greater utility and value.